Church Happenings

Let us know when your activities are coming up…we will be posting events throughout the month!

REVIVAL SERVICES continuing at Browder’s Chapel Baptist Church, 7 PM

Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) at Glasgow Baptist Church









We invite you to come relax with a wonderful group of moms. MOPS is a group of moms of preschoolers that help equip and encourage each other through the challenges and blessings of raising children.  Come enjoy our guest speakers, engage in meaningful relationships and even participate in creative activities. Your children will be cared for and will enjoy crafts and activities in a fun environment.

MOPS meets the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays August – May from 9 AM to 11 AM.  For more information call 270-651-2186

Register online at use group code 1NJS

Carpentry Ministry
Seeking those willing to volunteer to be on a list for ministry through construction/carpentry projects in our Association counties (Barren, Metcalfe & Hart).  Several have expressed interest in being a part of this ministry.  If God is putting this on your heart, contact the Liberty Assoociation Office ( or call 502-321-1557 for more information.







The start of the school year can be stressful, but it is also a wonderful opportunity for a church to minister in so many ways!  Many of our churches are geographically close to
community schools or have families connected to the school system.  Consider these opportunities for your church:

Adopt a school (especially if it is located near your church)…provide pastries or doughnuts to the entire school staff the day before or opening day of school…you can check with the school office about how best to do that.

Contact the school office manager, principal, or both to inquire about needs before school.  Redo a flower bed, provide mulch or other such outdoor help.

When talking to the school officials, simply ask:  How could our church help you as the school year gets underway?  Such partnerships allow churches to go beyond meeting a single need.

Volunteer to serve on behalf of your church at the school during the year.  Teachers love for adults to come in and read to classes, giving them a break and providing something “new” for the kids (you’ll probably have to undergo a background check if you have any interaction with students…this is a simple process).

In one school, our church got the birthdates of staff and sent them birthday cards from the congregation thanking for their work.

Cater a nice come-and-go lunch for teachers to enjoy during their planning period or order a giant carafe of gourmet coffee to place in the workroom before school starts.  Show them your church knows how much they mean.

Provide the resources of people, money, or both to sponsor such programs as “Blessings In A Backpack.”   Be prayerful and creative!  As your church’s volunteers develop relationships with the staff and the children, you’ll find the outreach goes far beyond buying boxes of crayons.